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Road safety plans and strategies

Our Local Implementation Plan and a Borough Spending Plan provide a framework of transport policies, objectives, strategy and a costed programme of transport initiatives for forthcoming years.

Several transport themes are addressed in these Plans, but those more closely linked toward road safety are reducing casualties, delivering social inclusion and partnership working.

Road Safety Plan

Merton’s Road Safety Plan gives further details of our yearly accident and casualty statistics for all road user groups.

Mayor of London's Transport Strategy

The Mayor of London's Transport Strategy sets out his priorities including road safety.

This includes better publicity for safety issues, lobbying car industries, and making representations to Government about driving training and vehicle standards. We should develop and share best practices on road safety issues.

The strategy provides a focus for implementation organisations – particularly Transport for London (TfL), the boroughs and national rail partners – on delivering the mayors key priorities for transport. TfL and boroughs (obtaining support from Police and other appropriate Pan London members) are to achieve:

  • 50% reduction in the number of killed and seriously injured by 2010 for all road users and also separately for pedestrians and cyclists
  • 40% reduction in the numbers of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured by 2010
  • 60% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured by 2010
  • 25% reduction in the slight casualty rate per 100 million vehicle kilometres by 2010

All these targets are compared with the average of 1994-1998 and applies

London-wide. The framework of the document sets out the 10 road safety themes with an additional reduction target for motorcyclist's killed of slightly injured (KSIs). The strategy supports the teaching children road safety skills needed to enable them to travel safely and become responsible road users. Merton responds to this directive through a programme of the "three Es": education, engineering and enforcement.

Casualty data for 2005

The reduction in the number of people killed of slightly injured (KSIs) on London’s roads is improving almost four times faster than the rest of the country. In 2005 Merton saw a rise in the pedestrian casualty rate for 16-24 age group, going from 8 slights in 2004 to 11 in 2005, and from 1 serious in 2004 to 8 serious in 2005. For the first time in three years we saw a reduction in the 0-15 year child casualties with the (KSIs) dropping to four in 2005. There was also a reduction in the 60+ group of two slight casualties in 2005. The overall downward trend for London’s pedal cyclists casualties is reflected in Merton’s child cyclist statistics, which show a drop of four slight injuries in 2005 as opposed to 13 slight injuries and one serious in 2004. But our adult cyclist rate went up to from three serious in 2004 to six in 2005. In the 60+ group we saw a positive reduction in the driver sector dropping from 33 overall casualties to just 20 in 2005.

Through a strategy of promoting safer cycling and motorcycling events and training, including Compulsory Basic Training, Bike Safe and adult cycling, and with engineering and enforcement measures we hope to be able to raise awareness of the hazards facing these vulnerable groups. By encouraging sustainable travel we will not only be helping to alleviate traffic congestion, we will also be encouraging a healthier lifestyle, which is a proactive and holistic approach toward all members of our community.

Merton’s Commitment

The previous targets set were challenging but were met by most London Boroughs nearly five years ahead of schedule, following significant reductions in casualties since 2004 which already showed a steady downward trend from 2003. The Mayor's new targets would further challenge local authorities and stakeholders to make greater efforts in reducing the number of casualties in the future. Through a more proactive approach and a programme of education, training, publicity, engineering and enforcement we hope to be meet and better the Mayor's targets.

Similar to other London Boroughs, Merton has been successful in meeting the Mayor’s previous targets five years early and is confident that it will achieve the new London-wide targets by 2010. However, we require to be proactive in order to minimise fluctuations to our current casualty rates.

Changing Lives Crash Scenario Event in Merton

The London Fire Brigade, Met Police and Ambulance Service are providing a Changing Lives Crash Scenario on Tuesday 10 November at Wimbledon Piazza SW19 outside Morrison Supermarket. from 11am to 3pm  The free event will be staged to show how a road crash impacts on the emergency services and the cost to families and society.  It's an interesting real life  enactment of how the emergency services deal with crash victims and vehicles.

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