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Abbreviations and acronyms

    List of abbreviations and acronyms used in the JSNA

    Abbreviation Meaning
    A&E accident and emergency
    AD Alzheimer’s disease
    ADASS Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
    ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    AF atrial fibrillation
    AIE Analysis of the Impact on Equality
    AMR antimicrobial resistance
    APS Active People Survey
    AQMA Air Quality Management Area
    ASB Adult Skills Budget
    ASB anti-social behaviour
    ASC Adult Social Care (within the Community and Housing Department of Merton Council)
    ASCOF Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework
    ASCOT adult social care outcomes toolkit
    ASD autistic spectrum disorder
    ASDR age-standardised death rate
    ASPD anti-social personality disorder
    BAME black, Asian and minority ethnic
    BCS British Crime Survey
    BESD behavioural, emotional and social difficulties
    BHIVA British HIV Association
    BME black and minority ethnic
    BP blood pressure
    BPD borderline personality disorder
    BRE Building Research Establishment
    CAMH child and adolescent mental health
    CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
    CASH Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics
    CBT cognitive behavioural therapy
    CCG/CCGs Clinical Commissioning Group(s)
    CFPP Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedures
    CHD coronary heart disease
    ChiMat Child and Mental Health Observatory
    CIN children in need
    CIPFA Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
    CMC Coordinate My Care
    CMD common mental disorder
    CMHT Community Mental Health Team
    COAD chronic obstructive airways disease
    COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    CPA care plan approach
    CPP child protection plan
    CQC Care Quality Commission
    CQUIN Commissioning for Quality and Innovation
    CrISP Carers’ Information and Support Programme
    CSEW Crime Survey for England and Wales
    CSGBC Cancer Service Guidance for Breast Cancer
    CSP Community Safety Partnership
    CYP children and young people
    DALYs disability-adjusted life years
    DAS Dementia Adviser Service
    DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government
    DCSF Department for Children, Schools and Families (now replaced)
    DfE Department for Education
    DH Department of Health (referred to throughout)
    DNAs do not attends
    DOMES Diagnostic Outcomes Monitoring Executive Summary
    DOT directly observed therapy
    DPPO designated public places order
    DSR directly standardised mortality rate
    DSWs dementia support workers
    DWP Department for Work and Pensions
    EAC Elderly Accommodation Counsel
    ECG electrocardiogram
    Echo echocardiogram
    EGPP Ethnic Group Population Projection
    EHC emergency hormonal contraception
    EoLC end of life care
    EPaCCS electronic palliative care coordination system
    ESA employment support allowance
    ESOL English for speakers of other languages
    ETE education, training and employment
    EWDI excess winter deaths index
    EWDs excess winter deaths
    EYFSP Early Years Foundation Stage Profile
    FGM female genital mutilation
    FNP Family Nurse Partnership
    FTEs first-time entrants
    GLA Great London Authority
    GPs general practitioners
    GUM genito-urinary medicine
    HCAI healthcare associated infection
    HCP Healthy Child Programme
    HF heart failure
    HIA health impact assessment
    HIS Healthcare Infection Society
    HIS Integrated House Survey
    HIV human immunodeficiency virus
    HPA Health Protection Agency (now part of PHE)
    HPV human papilloma virus
    HRA Housing Revenue Account
    HRG Healthcare Resource Group
    HSCIS Health and Social Care Information Centre
    HSV herpes simplex virus
    HUDU Healthy Urban Development Unit
    HUS Haemolytic uraemic syndrome
    HWM Healthwatch Merton
    IAPT improving access to psychological therapies
    ICSWP Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party
    IMD English Indices of Multiple Deprivation
    JCVI Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation
    JSA Job Seeker’s Allowance
    JSNA Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
    KSI Killed or Seriously Injured
    LAAs local area agreements
    LAC looked-after children
    LAPE Local Alcohol Profiles for England
    LAQN London Air Quality Network
    LARC long-acting reversible contraception
    LAS London Ambulance Service
    LBM London Borough of Merton
    LBW low birth weight
    LCP Liverpool Care Pathway
    LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
    LHO London Health Observatory
    LINks Local Involvement Networks
    LSCB Local Safeguarding Children Board
    LST life skills training
    MAAT Merton Adult Access Team
    MAES Merton Adult Education Service
    MASH Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
    MCDS Maternity and Children’s Data Set
    MDRTB multidrug-resistant TB
    Merton CCG Merton Clinical Commissioning Group
    MILES Merton Independent Living and Engagement Service
    MMR measles, mumps and rubella
    MND motor neurone disease -
    MNDA Motor Neurone Disease Association
    MoU memorandum of understanding
    MS multiple sclerosis
    MSM men who have sex with men
    MSOA middle super output area
    MST multisystemic therapy
    MST-PSB multisystemic therapy for problem sexual behaviour
    MTS Mayor’s Transport Strategy
    MVSC Merton Voluntary Service Council
    NAO National Audit Office
    NCIN National Cancer Intelligence Network
    NCMP National Child Measurement Programme
    NCSP National Chlamydia Screening Programme
    NDEC National Drug Evidence Centre
    NDSE National Dementia Strategy for England
    NDTMS National Drug Treatment Monitoring System
    NEET Not in Education, Employment or Training
    NEoLCIN National End of Life Care Intelligence Network
    NEPHO North East Public Health Observatory
    NHB New Homes Bonus
    NHS DEP NHS Dental Epidemiology Programme
    NHS IQ NHS Improving Quality
    NHSLA National Health Service Litigation Authority
    NHV New Homes Bonus
    NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (formerly National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)
    NRT nicotine replacement therapy
    NSCLC non-small-cell lung cancer
    NTA National Treatment Agency
    OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder
    OCUs opiate or crack cocaine users
    ONS the Office for National Statistics
    OOH out of hours
    OPCS Office of Population Censuses and Surveys
    PALS Patient Advice and Liaison Service
    PANSI Projecting Adult Needs and Service Information system
    PbR payment by results
    PCTs primary care trusts
    PHAST Public Health Action Support Team
    PHE Public Health England
    PHOF Public Health Outcomes Framework
    POPPI Projection Older People Population Information system
    PPC preferred priorities of care
    PPD preferred place of death
    PSHE personal, social, health and economic education
    PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder
    QIPP Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention
    QOF Quality and Outcomes Framework
    RCA root cause analysis
    RCP the Royal College of Physicians
    RSV respiratory syncytial virus
    SA Strategic Assessment
    SAR standardised admission ratio
    SCLC small cell lung cancer
    SEN special educational needs
    SEND special education needs and disabilities
    SFA Skills Funding Agency
    SGH St George’s Hospital
    SHLAA Strategic Housing and Land Availability Assessment  
    SHMA Strategic Housing Market Assessment
    SII Slope Index of Inequality
    SLA service level agreement
    SLHP South London HIV Partnership
    SMI severe mental illness
    SMPCT Sutton and Merton Primary Care Trust (now replaced)
    SMR Standardised mortality ratio
    SPOT spend and outcome tool
    STIs sexually transmitted infections
    SWEP Severe Weather Emergency Protocol
    SWL Las South West  London local authorities
    SWLSTG South West London and St George’s
    TaMHS Targeted Mental Health in Schools
    TB tuberculosis
    THT Terrence Higgins Trust
    TIA transient ischaemic attack
    UKPDS UK Prospective Diabetes Study
    VCFOs voluntary, community and faith organisations  
    VHF viral haemorrhagic fever
    WHO World Health
    WMPHO West Midlands Public Health Observatory

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